Turismo Vida Sol e Mar - Travel Agency

TRAVEL AGENCY - Turismo Vida Sol e Mar. Differenciated services, structure and qualified assistance in receptive tourism, tours, excursions and whale watching in Praia do Rosa beach and region.

Turismo Vida Sol e Mar travel agency has a modern and agile structure, with trained and qualified teams to meet the needs of people who travel with efficiency and trust. With an office in Praia do Rosa beach and another branch in Garopaba Beach, it offers services and products of receptive turism, such as transfers, beach tours, etc.

Pioneer agency in whale watching in the APA – Environmental Protection Area of the Southern Right Whale in the south of the country and one of the main operators of whale watching – turism of whale watching in Brazil.

With especialized, modern, safe and comfortable boats, the rides and excursions count with biologists and environmentalists aboard, offering valuable information about the whales, its importance and preservation.

When you opt for the sea rides in order to observe these cetaceans, you’ll be contributing with their defence and preservation, for 5% of the ticket go over to the Franca Whale Institute to bear the costs of research and scientific activities.

Adventure tourism activities, eco-tourism and leisure, such as horseback riding, bird watching, walks and trails count with specialized professionals, technicians, guides and biologists providing a safe and differentiated support for tourists, guests and visitors.

Address, Contact Information and Reservation

Adress: Rua Manoel Álvaro Araújo, 200 | Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil | Telephone 55 48 3354.4199 and 55 48 99810592 | www. vidasolemar.com.br/turismo - turismo@vidasolemar.com.br.

Additional Information

- Transfer: Praia do Rosa Beach x Hercílio Luz Airport - Hercílio Luz Airport x Praia do Rosa Beach
- Tennis court
- Surf school
- Surfboard rental
- Walking
- Horseback riding
- Boat rides to Ilhote do Siriú beach (short ride)
- Boat rides to Ilha do Papagaio island, Praia de Fora beach and Praia da Pinheira beach (Medium lenght ride)
- Boat ride to Praia de Naufragados beach
- Tours to the historical city of Laguna, with land observation of dolphins
- Tours to Garopaba city
- Land tours to Siriú, Gamboa e Macacu
- Land tours to the beaches of the region – North Route: Rosa, Ouvidor, Barra, Ferrugem, Silveira and Garopaba
- Land tours to the beaches of the region – South Route: Rosa, Ibiraquera, Itabirubá and Laguna
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